I had been trying to lose weight for two decades. Even though I exercised regularly, I kept slowly gaining weight - over 50 pounds. Worse, I developed hypertension and was put on medication. When I went on Dr. Rassow's weight management program, I lost 7 pounds in the first week, 20 pounds in the first month. In all, I lost 50 pounds and have kept it off for a year...and, I am no longer hypertensive and off my meds. Dr. Rassow is an amazing coach; her supervision was a vital part of my success. Thanks to Dr. Rassow, I have learned the most important lesson of all - how to keep the weight off.

J. Seth

Drs. Rassow and Kantor are great weight management coaches. After losing about 10 pounds on Weight Watcher's - then getting stuck - I felt completely discouraged and hopeless about ever losing more weight. In addition, I had developed diabetes and elevated cholesterol and I knew that my inability to control my weight had great health consequences for me. Dr. Rassow gave me a clear, easy to follow dietary program and I began to see weight loss within days. Dr. Kantor helped me to add an exercise program including aerobics and resistance training. Between the two, I have not only lost over 35 pounds but found a way to control my blood sugar and cholesterol. My primary care doctor has taken me off my diabetic medications. I have regained fitness and, with it, my confidence and positive approach to life. Even after reaching my goal weight, I continue to receive coaching to maintain my optimal weight and health

S. Marks